Other Accessories


Are you looking for floor mats and floor liners that will weather the wear and tear of everyday life? WeatherTech® Automotive Accessories offers a large line of floor and cargo liners for your car or truck that are made to withstand tough conditions.

WeatherTech designs floor liners, laser measured, to fit your vehicle exactly. With sides that turn up, liquid spills can be contained, saving your carpet from stains. In the rare case that they don’t have an exact match for your car or truck, there are also All-Vehicle mats, which can be easily trimmed to fit. WeatherTech makes cargo liners, as well, if you need protection of the cargo area in your SUV or crossover.

In addition to mats and floor liners, WeatherTech has a myriad of other well designed products for your vehicle. These include, rainguards, bugshields, mud flaps, seat protectors, and their popular CupFone, universal portable cell phone holder.


Protect your truck’s resale value with WeatherTech products from LINE-X of Raleigh today. Call us today to learn more about the WeatherTech products we offer, or contact us here to get started! We are happy to help you get the maximum use out of your truck!